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This is a Wikia for the mobile game Boss Clicker! Currently the game is in the works by the one developer and myself! Boss clicker is a fun mobile game that is currently in the works so expect this wikia and the game to expand and grow over time.

What is Boss Clicker?Edit

Boss Clicker is a small game available on mobile devices. The point of the game is to kill all the bosses, rank up in the seasonal arena, win the lottery, and receive all the achievements. The game is played by tapping the bosses yourself or by earning gold buying mercenaries who do the clicking for you! Click away!

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  • new page Keys
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    New page: In Boss Clicker, keys are one of the main ways to progress. You can get keys by going to the Anvil and crafting them, but you need a specific set of...
    Summary: Added the page.

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