Weapons are the primary means of increasing your damage in Boss Clicker. There are 30 different weapons, in 4 categories, spread across 5 pages.

Page 1: Standard WeaponsEdit

These weapons are the very first weapons you will probably get, and are also the weakest.

Massive Axe

Damage: 1

Cost: 200 Gold

Extra Requirements: N/A

Gladiator Battleaxe

Damage: 2

Cost: 1000 Gold

Extra Req: N/A


Damage: 3

Cost: 5000 Gold

Extra Req: N/A

Silver Hammer

Damage: 4

Cost: 10000 Gold

Extra Req: N/A

Ogre Axe

Damage: 5

Cost: 20000 Gold

Extra Req: N/A


Damage: 6

Cost: 40000 Gold

Extra Req: N/A

Page 2: Standard Weapons (Cont.)Edit

These weapons are for mid-late game in Act 1, so they're a bit stronger, and they need keys to buy.

Axe of Champion

Damage: 15

Cost: 80000 Gold

Extra Req: 1 Bone Key


Damage: 20

Cost: 130000

Extra Req: 1 Crystal Key

Twin Swords

Damage: 30

Cost: 260000

Extra Req: 2 Bone Keys, 2 Crystal Keys

"Last Word"

Damage: 45

Cost: 520000

Extra Req: 1 Shadow Key


Damage: 55

Cost: 780000

Extra Req: 1 Shadow Key, 1 Key of Balance

Cursed Sword

Damage: 65

Cost: 1300000

Extra Req: 1 Shadow Key, 1 Key of Balance

Page 3: Elite WeaponsEdit

These weapons get a big increase in strength, and are unlocked late game, and should be used in late-game Standard Mode/all of Elite Mode.

Berserker Axes

Damage: 88

Cost: 2600000

Extra Req: 1 Achievement Point


Damage: 98

Cost: 5200000

Extra Req: 2 Achievement Points

Hammer of Justice

Damage: 108

Cost: N/A

Extra Req: 1 Golden Key, 1 Key of Justice, 5 Achievement Points


Damage: 118

Cost: N/A

Extra Req: 4 Golden Keys, 1 Key of Rage, 10 Ach. Points

Soul Reaper

Damage: 180

Cost: N/A

Extra Req: 5 Golden Keys, 1 Key of Infinity, 15 Ach. Points


Damage: 240

Cost: N/A

Extra Req: 6 Golden Keys, 2 Keys of Infinity, 20 Ach. Points

Page 4: Arena/Seasonal WeaponsEdit

These weapons are REALLY strong, and should be used in the Arena/Seasonal/Christmas boss fights.

Arena Obsidian Sword

Damage: 1000

Cost: 150 Arena Tokens

Extra Req: 600 Rating, 3 Obsidian Keys

Hammer of Arrogance

Damage: 2000


Extra Req: 2000 Rating


Damage: 3000


Extra Req: 3000 Rating

Ritual Sickle

Damage: 5000

Cost: N/A

Extra Req: 1 Halloween Key


Damage: 10000

Cost: N/A

Extra Req: 1 Sweet Key

Claw of Demon

Damage: 15000

Cost: N/A

Extra Req: Activate Demon Coin, Kill Krampus

Page 5: Elemental WeaponsEdit

These are the strongest weapons in the game, and are for Uber Mode.

Hammer of Earth


Cost: 100m Gold

Extra Req: Kill Ballgur at Uber Mode 10+

Underwater Polearm



Extra Req: